Forthcoming Titles Available From Pandelabra Publishing:

The Post Pandemic Economy

The Global Institutional Order can no longer stand, made insolvent by the tragic outcomes of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We re-envision a sustainable, equity-based economic order that serves best the United States Economic and Political Interests at home and abroad. We put forth principles to “Renovate” the American Economy within this re-made Global Stage.
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Genreland Volume 1

Genreland is a science fiction novel about virtual reality, the infinity of cyberspace, love and longing. Volume 1 sets the stage for the Genreland Universe, exploring the stories of Dawn and Dusk, two pioneers on the edge of what’s possible, Job, a construct program seeking to “know thyself,” and Mary, a lost soul seeking redemption.
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Populist Elegance

Populist Elegance is a collection of poetry written during the coronavirus pandemic. The collections struggles with themes of family, love, and loss during extraordinarily trying circumstances. The title is carried throughout the collection, written from Erie, but imagining a future elegance that has now slipped through our fingertips.
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Open Capital Markets for Local Economies

Humankind is on the verge of innovative advances in how capital markets are deployed at the local level. Now privately held assets can operate just like corporate assets can on the “stock market.” Open Capital Markets for Local Economies stretches our imagination to envision how new technology such as equity crowdfunding, Blockchain, and Tokenized securities can create a more sustainable, accountable, and efficient local economy.
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