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Assets of Inspiration

Assets of Inspiration is a collection of poetry based on my life and experiences. I view them as assets because each poem is based on a set of principles that can change your life no matter what circumstances currently define you. We all go through similar experiences both positive and negative. How you look at those experiences will determine the  reality you choose to live in.
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Reveal Yourself

If you turn your idea into ‘I can’t” you will will fail before ever starting. Do not proceed unless you remove those words from you mind. Many people are afraid to unlock that door. The door marked possible requires the person who walks through to have conviction and a resilience to keep moving forward.
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William E. Dimorier: Servant Leader

William E. Dimorier: Servant Leader is the manuscript that grew out of more than a decade of research. It examines the life of a farmer’s son, who took a non-traditional path to becoming a leader. The manuscript follows Dimorier’s long career in education, as he became a role model for leadership and service without expectation of reward.
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Founded in 2020, Pandelabra Publishing takes an Innovative Approach to Publishing in the Internet Age. We marry the services of a traditional outlet with a self-publishing joint to help Independent Authors go from starting UP to UP-and-Running in less than 30 days. From there, we handle marketing and promotion for the Indie Author under a Royalty Partnership basis.