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Matthew L. Scigousky

Matthew Lawrence Scigousky was born in the Chicago suburbs and spent his childhood in Lake Tahoe CA. In many ways, he was born into adversity. At six months old he had both legs in casts and was misdiagnosed with MS. As it turns out, a spinal tumor was the real issue. He underwent three spinal surgeries and multiple surgeries on his left leg, all before the age of ten. This left him with a permanently deformed left leg, an adversity that would challenge him his entire life. After earning his degree in business from DePaul University, Matthew embarked on a career in medical device sales becoming the youngest sales rep ever hired at Stryker Medical and earning ‘rookie-of-the year’ and ‘rep-of-the-year’ honors in his first two years. After 25 years in the business and working for other companies such as Merit Medical and Siemens Healthcare he has amassed four ‘rep-of-the-year’ honors, over a dozen “President Club” awards, and multiple other awards in sales achievement.

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William E. Scholz

William E. Scholz is an author and small business owner who resides in Erie, PA and Washington, DC. He holds a M. Literature Degree from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and will complete a Masters Business Administration from Imperial College London in the United Kingdom once borders open again. William is a Conservative Economist and Political Thinker as well as an author of Science Fiction and Collected Works of Poetry.

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